Behavioral Risk Assessment
Please answer the following questions by identifying the choice instantly which fits closest to your everyday behavior.
1. When you need to take an airplane, do you arrive at the airport just in time?
I always arrive at the airport with plenty of time left
I need to rush a bit to catch my plane
Well calculated, not too early but no rush
2. Would you cross the street when the pedestrian light is red?
All the time
If a lot of people were doing it at the same time
Only if I were in a big rush
I will check to see if there were any police around
I will obey the rules and wait till the light is green
3. Have you ever quit a job without have already found another one - you quit just because you are so frustrated with it?
I will never quit a job without having found another one
Yes, I have done it; it did not take me more than a day to decide
I think I would need to think about it - may be tolerate for a few months first
I would start looking for a job and if I think the market is good, I might do it
4. When would you use a map?
Never, I will find my way
Never, I will rather ask a stranger
Sometimes, when I am lost
Very often, I will check the map before taking on a route which I am not familiar with
5. When would you go and see a doctor?
Whenever I do not feel well, may be a cough or flu
When I do not feel well, I'll try to take some off-the-shelf medicine and if the symptom did not go away after a few days, I'll go and see a doctor
I'll ask the drug store to recommend some medicine
I'll first find some medicine at home which seemingly best fits my symptom
I won't take any medicine until I cannot bear it anymore
6. Have you bought a Mark-Six or lottery ticket in the last six months?
I buy every round
I buy only if a special huge stake is available
I buy on impulse
I buy along with my friends or colleagues
7. Do you keep valuables at home, e.g. jewellery, stocks, certificates?
I keep all valuables at a bank's deposit box
I keep all valuables in a safe at home
I keep my valuables in different banks' deposit boxes
I keep my valuables in locked drawers at home
My valuables are in different unlocked places at home
8. What is your investment style?
I am a professional investor - I do thorough analyses myself
I accept professional advices from my investment manager
My friends and I share information and I use much of such information to make my investment decisions
I will suddenly buy/sell casually depending on how much spare money is in my bank account
I have no investment experience
9. Would you attend a party thinking that you probably do not know anyone there?
I just won't go
I will have to struggle to go; when I arrive, I will desperately look around in hope to find someone that I know and stick with that person
I will go but only to say hello to the host, grab some food and disappear
Yes, I would love to go and hope to meet new friends
10. Have you ever signed a contract without reading the fine prints?
Never, I always insist on reading through all the details before I will sign
Sometimes, but only for what I think are very standard contracts - e.g. bank account holder agreements, some appliance maintenance contracts, etc.
Actually quite often, I briefly glance through and if it looks professionally done, I will just sign it
Always, I just don't bother to go through any contract details


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