Financial Risk Assessment
Please answer the following questions by identifying the choice which best describes you.
1. Please indicate your job status?
I have a reliable income and I expect my income will grow steadily
I have a job but I do not expect my income will grow very much
I have a job, not too secured but I have some reserve which allow me to live by without income for six months or so
I have a job and I heavily depend on it to finance my monthly household expense
I do not have a job and am seeking for one
I am retired or I am not working nor looking for a job
2. Please indicate the allocation of your current investment: (total allocation should be equal to 100%)
Stocks/Equities (Exclude those invested in funds/MPF) %
Bonds (Exclude those invested in funds/MPF) %
Unit Trusts/Mutual Funds (Exclude MPF) %
Savings/Time Deposits %
Property (Excluding the property that you are living in) %
Others %
3. Please rate the relative importance of your current investment goals: (Most important - 1; Least important - 6)
Relative Importance
1 - 6
Save for retirement
Save for mid-term essentials (e.g. house, children's education in 5 - 10 years'  time)
Use for shorter term essentials (in 2 - 3 years'  time)
Cover immediate basic needs
Improve quality of life
No specific purpose, just want to improve investment returns
4. What is your expected return?
I want to keep pace with inflation
I want to outpace inflation moderately, e.g. between inflation and the stock market average
I want to outpace inflation significantly, e.g. near the stock market average
I want to outpace inflation significantly and outperform the stock market
I have no expected return
5. If your fund investment declined in value by 20% over a 6-month period, what would you do?
Cut loss immediately and move to a very secured investment
Cut loss and find another more promising fund
Worried but wait and see for another quarter or so
Understood there might be risk, look for long-term growth
Buy more of the fund while the price is low
6. How long can you tolerate seeing a loss of 20% in your long-term portfolio?
Cannot tolerate any loss
3 months
6 months
1 year
2 years
7. The following 5 graphs show 5 different scenarios for your portfolio over a one-year period, which one would you choose:
Choice a: Best Gain 3%, Loss 0%
Choice b: Best Gain 5%, Loss -3%
Choice c: Best Gain 10%, Loss -5%
Choice d: Best Gain 20%, Loss -10%
Choice e: Best Gain 30%, Loss -15%
8. How prepared are you for your retirement financially?

Not Prepared                 ------------------------------------------                 Very Well Prepared
1 2 3 4 5
9. How confident are you in your ability to make sound financial decisions?

Not Confident                 ------------------------------------------                 Very Confident       
1 2 3 4 5


Disclaimer : The calculations and results you obtain from the investment calculators and risk assessment tools are for reference only and are not intended as a substitute for any professional investment advice. The investment calculators and risk assessment tools do not contain all the possible combinations of data and have used certain assumptions. The effect of certain factors, which could have an impact on your individual circumstances, may not have been taken into account. HKIFA and its suppliers cannot accept responsibility for any errors or omissions from the information or any reliance placed upon it.