ORSO Statistics

ORSO Scheme Statistics

Asset size of ORSO Registered Schemes ( as at 31/03/2014 )

     Amount   (HK$M)   No. of Schemes
MPF Exempted ORSO Registered Schemes
Defined Contribution Schemes 166,330 3,338
Defined Benefit Schemes 107,888 216
Sub-total 274,218 3,554
Non-MPF Exempted ORSO Registered Schemes
(A) Regulated By Insurance Arrangement
Defined Contribution Schemes 1,206 228
Defined Benefit Schemes 135 5
(B) Governed by Trust
Defined Contribution Schemes 7,754 357
Defined Benefit Schemes 2,802 19
Sub-total 10,556 376
Total 286,115 4,163*

*While there were 4,163 ORSO registered schemes as at March 31, 2014, these statistics are compiled on the basis of the latest annual returns filed with the MPFA in respect of 4,328 registered schemes. This is because the first annual returns for some of the registered schemes have not yet become due.

Source : Mandatory Provident Fund Schemes Authority ("MPFA")

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